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All Windows/H-Sphere accounts are hosted on high performance dedicated servers located in ThePlanet's Dallas, TX facility (DLLSTX4). Here you will find details on the facility and network.


ThePlanet's network is connected with eight (9) different backbone providers together to form an extremely reliable and redundant network infrastructure. Backbone border routers are Juniper M20's with fully redundant switching layer comprising a certified six pack design of Cisco™ 6500 series switches. All access switches in the datacenter are Cisco™ 2950 series switches designed for maximum performance and uptime availability.

Backbone providers include:
1 Gbps Direct Fiber - AT&T
2 Gbps Direct Fiber - AboveNet
1 Gbps Direct Fiber - nLayer
2 Gbps Direct Fiber - Sprint
1 Gbps Direct Fiber - Time Warner
1 Gbps Direct Fiber - UUNET
1 Gbps Direct Fiber - Verio
2 Gbps Direct Fiber - Cogent
1 Gbps Direct Fiber - Broadwing
1 Gbps Direct Fiber - Global Crossing
2 Gbps Direct Fiber - Level3

Building Fiber:
OC48 SONET Ring - Looking Glass
OC48 SONET Ring - Broadwing
OC48 SONET Ring - Time Warner
OC48 SONET Ring - XO Communications

Juniper M20 border routers
100% uptime SLA utilizing JSRP/BGP
Cisco Certified Network
Cisco 6500 series distribution routing switched
Cisco 6500 series aggregation switches for customer access

T3 and T1 Access - EPGN
T3 and T1 Access - SBC
T3 and T1 Access - Time Warner
T3 and T1 Access - XO Communications
T3 and T1 Access - MCI

Data Center

ThePlanet's data center is staffed 24/7/365 by NOC technicians. The facility infrastructure starts with several diverse fiber rings, providing the basic connectivity to nine different Internet access carriers.

ThePlanet's 22,000 square foot facility is located above multiple power grids driven by TXU electric, with PowerWare UPS battery backup power and dual diesel generators. The HVAC systems are Data Aire condenser units which provide redundancy in cooling coupled with nine managed backbone providers. Twelve additional third party backbone providers are available in the building via cross connect. Fire suppression includes a pre-action dry pipe system including VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) with over 700 smoke detectors between the two facilities.




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